Ruislip Running Club

The club records are in an early stage of development.

We need input from club members past and present to inform us of performances to improve the accuracy of the records.  Please send an email for any information relating to the club records to

Rules are as follows:

  1. Must be registered as a Ruislip Running Club member at the time of the race
  2. Each runner can only be listed once in each table for each distance
  3. Chip times are used where available
  4. Race distances must be verified

parkrun Female Senior Records

1 Jana Jakubacova 20:37Northala Fields21/08/2021
2 Lisa McGillivray 21:16 Rickmansworth 12/03/2022
3 Gilly Meek 21:40 Northala Fields 08/02/2020

parkrun Male Senior Records

1Travis Bowcambe18:43Rickmansworth05/03/2022
2Terry Hudson19:03Northala Fields07/09/2019
3 Andrew Lubega19:14Northala Fields28/12/2019

5 Miles Female Senior Records

1 Jana Jakubacova00:34:07Perivale 505/12/2021
2Charlotte Bradley 00:43:21 Perivale 5 05/12/2021
3Belinda Stovell 00:43:59 Ickenham 5 01/07/2018

5 Miles Male Senior Records

1Scott Raison00:33:21Uxbridge 526/05/2019
2Nick Bamford00:34:22Ickenham 502/07/2017
3Sean Tiernan00:35:53Hatfield 509/05/2021

10k Female Senior Records

1 Jana Jakubacova 00:43:49RunThrough Regents Park 10k15/08/2021
2Lisa McGillivray 00:43:54 London Winter Run13/02/2022
3Gilly Meek00:46:42Hillingdon 10k23/02/2020

10k Male Senior Records

1 Travis Bowcambe00:37:36Vitality London 10K02/02/2022
2 Nilesh Mistry00:41:21 Vitality London 10K 02/05/2022
3Sean Tiernan00:43:43St Albans 10k02/04/2021

Half Marathon Female Senior Records

1 Lisa McGillivray 01:38:18 Victoria Park RunThrough09/01/2022
2 Jana Jakubacova 01:39:16 Wimbledon Common Half Marathon 01/08/2021
3Lauren Vickery02:03:08Run Bournemouth HM10/10/2021

Half Marathon Male Senior Records

1 Nilesh Mistry 01:35:52Royal Parks HM10/10/2021
2Scott Raison01:36:25Burnham Beeches11/08/2019
3George Worley01:44:37Brighton HM 202110/10/2021

Marathon Female Senior Records

1Lisa McGillivray03:39:30VM London Marathon03/10/2021
2Nicola Kelly04:12:12 VM London Marathon 03/10/2021
3Louise Rooney04:55:07London Marathon (Virtual)03/10/2021

Marathon Male Senior Records

1Chris Conlon03:52:47London Marathon (Virtual)04/10/2020
2Nick Bamford04:25:20London Marathon21/04/2017
3Paul Read04:38:00Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon17/10/2021