Ruislip Running Club

Booking onto a Club run

Please use Strava to book onto runs.

From the newsletter 14th May 2021 :

Good times are just around the corner! The lockdown is being eased a little
further, on Monday 17th May and RRC has a great collection of freshly
trained Run Leaders (RLs), so overall, this allows us to expand and improve
our running programme!
The main change is that we can have more people attend a run, as each Run
Leader can have 12 runners with them. So more opportunities to meet with
old friends or meet other club members and make new ones!
Instead of having to book twice on Strava and Eventbrite for a single event,
we are going to post the runs on Strava only, so that will be the only app
you need to watch and book! RRC will issue the location, times & runs a
week in advance.
To help manage the numbers, we’ll have blocks of up to 12 people, so you
might see the same time/date/location twice, but with different RLs, so we
retain some control over the number of runners.
Therefore, we’ll have two RLs at every event to accommodate larger
numbers, but it also takes the pressure off of one individual all the time.
Locations and RLs will be varied on a fortnightly basis to keep things
interesting too!
Because of this new structure to our events, we’re intending to offer
training sessions as well, like speed work or hills, etc. This depends on
demand from the members, so let us know, either talk to a RL or use the
WhatsApp group.
My thanks to all the RLs for their commitment to the Club, the training is not
easy and the runs require a lot of thought and dedication!
Keep checking on Strava for those bookings ( Look for Clubs – RRC –
Upcoming events) and I’m looking forward to seeing you all out running!